DIY: Glitter Hang Tags

The holidays are all about giving, & what better way to dress up a gift than with glitter? Below is a step-by-step guide on creating glitzy name tags to dress up even the most simple of gifts.


1. Print out the letters you want to make hang tags out of. I used Rockwell Bold but I think a pretty script would be nice as well. Just make sure the font is big enough & bold enough to cut out.


2. Glue the letters to a sturdy cardboard.


3. Cut out the letters (you can either use scissors or a xacto knife.) Then add a hole punch in the upper left portion and smother the letter in glue.


4. Sprinkle your favorite glitter color on the backside first & let dry. Then coat the front.


5. Let your fabulous new letters completely dry before you add them to your gift. (Or string if you are making them as ornaments)


6. You’re done!


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