Gift Guide: For That Special Girl In Your Life

If you are still searching for the perfect gift no need to worry – you still have time! There are four materials that are great go-to’s for gift giving:


Another thing to keep in mind is personalization is key. It doesn’t necessarily have to be engraved or monogrammed  but it does have to have significance to their lives. A favorite color, a favorite author, a favorite brand, etc. has to play into the gift somehow. Below are some great gift ideas for all types of budgets.

Full image snow

 Cashmere (girls love things that are soft): 1. Color Blocked Sweater 2. Navy Scarf                           3. Fingerless Gloves – On Sale! 

Metal (necklaces are great because they are close to her heart): 4. Luck Necklace 5. Gold Zodiac Neckalce 6. Silver Monogrammed Necklace 7. The Awesome Kindle Fire

Paper (for the girl that loves adventures in reading or in the real world): 8. A Biography On One of History’s Most Famous Women 9. A Great Read For The Fashion Obsessed 10. Tickets are a great gift. They can be from anything to a sporting event to the opera or best yet, a fantastic getaway!

Leather (who doesn’t love leather?): 11. This clutch is inexpensive and comes in a vast array of colors 12. A Timeless & Classic Clutch 13. The Melissa Frye Boots – If she doesn’t already have them she needs them

Good Luck!

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One Response to Gift Guide: For That Special Girl In Your Life

  1. Maria C. says:

    love the four categories… so creative! where’s the “rock” category? 😉

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