Warm & Fuzzy – Hats

It’s the time of year where the wind feels as though it never stops blowing & the tip of your nose feels numb. Unfortunately  when people pack on the layers in an attempt to combat the cold, it is easy to lose focus on fashion. A great way to keep warm is to take a lesson from our lower to the ground friends – animals. Now, I’m not saying that you should go out and purchase fur – to each their own – but, it is true, fur will keep in the heat. You can either opt for the real kind (rabbit, fox & raccoon are the most common in accessories) or you can go for acrylic (the friends-of-the-furry option.) Below are some fabulous real & not real fur options – all inspired by the silver fox. Saks Fur Hats

1. Faux Rabbit Trapper Hat

2. Real Fur Earmuffs

3. Faux Rabbit Beret

4. Real Fox Headband/Collar

All of the above silver fox pieces can be found at Saks Fifth Avenue. Have fun staying warm & fashionable!

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3 Responses to Warm & Fuzzy – Hats

  1. Khel says:

    I need all of those! Especially 3 and 4.

  2. caroline1t says:

    The more I see these hats the more I like them. Number 3 is just so great!

  3. Christian says:

    I seriously need one of these! East Coast winters are too cold!!

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