Sun-Kissed Hair In The Winter

Brighten up your face this winter by brightening up your hair. If your hair has a lighter, sun-kissed hue to it, your face will appear to be kissed by the sun as well. The more contrast between your skin & hair creates for more of a washed out look that screams “get me to a sunny place.” The best way to brighten your hair is with two techniques: Balayage & Ombré. Both words are french & both have very literal meanings. Balayage means “sweep” & Ombré means “shade.” They also both have similar application techniques but can have very different outcomes. One way is for your hairstylist to paint individual strands of your hair starting from the tip & work their way up towards the root. The other way is to tease the tips of the hair, paint them & then wrap them in foil. Both looks can resemble grow-out which can be a good & bad thing. This means easy maintenance – like once every 4-6 months. Another thing to note is because this trend is a little more shabby chic, it will only look good on the fashion forward girl, rather than the preppy. The two styles look best on those who style their hair with more wave, rather than stick straight.

Balayage is a more subtle sun-kissed look. So if you are thinking about just a minor change you might want to consider this look. The end result of this technique will resemble the hair of the Victoria Secret Angels  -& who doesn’t want to look like them?


Ombré looks more dip-dyed. As if you actually took your hair & dipped it into bleach. This look also has darker roots, so if you are a medium brown it is generally recommended to dye your roots darker into the gradual fade.


For best results, bring in a photo of your exact look to your hairstylist.

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2 Responses to Sun-Kissed Hair In The Winter

  1. Sarah says:

    I didn’t know anything about Balayage! Thanks for the info!

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