Haute Handbag History

Brands have a dominating presence because of their aesthetic & their unique attraction, but also because of the impression they have made on their consumer over the years. History is everything to a brand. Girls love Chanel because of everything the founder represents. She was a girl who came from nothing & transformed her life into creating & running one of the most successful luxury brands today. Chanel enables it’s consumers to think outside of the box, to inspire, & to create something new. Everyone wants to become something, & the story of Chanel (& actually of most iconic designers) is the story of making something out of what others would call nothing. Going from rags to riches is the ultimate dream. Always remember: never let someone who gave up on their dreams talk you out of yours.

Below are some historical & fun facts of the some of today’s haute-est bags. If you are droppin’ the dough on a Birkin, you might as well know a little bit about how it came to be.

Hangbag History

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4 Responses to Haute Handbag History

  1. thestylescroll says:

    Love this post! Check out the post on my blog titled I’m in Vogue to see my interview in Vogue about handbags!!! I hope u like it!

  2. tkmorin says:

    Ahh … aren’t they just the best? Thanks for the cool post! 🙂

  3. Christian says:

    Oh my gosh love this! Love Chanel! Love fashion history lessons!

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