WWYD: What Would Yves Do?

With the not so recent change in Yves Saint Laurent’s brand image, many fashionistas have been in an uproar. The mentality behind dropping the Yves, in Yves Saint Laurent, was to become more youthful & stay more relevant with similar brands (think: Coco Chanel  – being called just Chanel & Christian Dior – being called just Dior.) To play devil’s advocate (also known as Hedi Slimane, the Creative Director of YSL) it makes sense. They needed a new image & they needed to be talked about. Nowadays, more and more youth are purchasing the lofty priced bags, so designers need to cater to them as well. Even the new Saint Laurent site has an edgier & more modern feel to it. Interestingly enough, the new branding of the Saint Laurent logo strongly resembles Céline – a brand that has also recently rebranded itself & now heavily caters to the affluent youth. 


Good news: they are keeping the YSL logo even though they are dropping the Y – this seems like a way to soften the blow to the brand’s loyal customers.

However, if you are one of the many who is still heartbroken by the dropping of Yves, you must purchase this comfy Prêt-à-Porter statement sweatshirt.


Keep in mind, Saint Laurent once wrote to Tom Ford, “In 13 minutes on the runway you have destroyed 40 years of my career.” What do you think he would say about having his first name dropped?

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