Ombre Maxis

Yes! Summer has finally hit & everyone could not be more appreciative. One of the most simple summer styles to help keep you cool is the flowy maxi dress. Not only does it enable you to beat the heat, but it also covers up those stems (in case you have a dress code at work or your legs haven’t been kissed by the sun yet.) Maxis are a great option because they are an outfit all on their own with no need to heavily accessorize. However, if you are feeling glamorous, feel free to layer on the accoutrements. A great print for your maxi this summer is inspired by the oh-so-trendy ombre hair style. Ombre is the ultimate effect because it shows the fade of hair or clothes from the spectacular sun (by process or nature.) Check out some chic ombre maxi dresses below from Young, Fabulous & Broke. maxisMel Ombre Maxi – Black – Hamptons Stripe Dress – Yellow Stripe

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3 Responses to Ombre Maxis

  1. I love these ombre maxis! Could you check out/comment on my blog?

  2. lauruss1 says:

    Reblogged this on laurieblogdotnet and commented:
    now those are very nice. I am a big clothes shopper and i am going to look into this, Thanks

  3. Sarah says:

    I LOVE these. I’m always on the hunt for new maxi dresses. They’re pretty much what I live in during the summers.

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