Clean Makeup Brushes

In order to keep your face clean, you need to keep your makeup brushes clean. Everyday use eventually makes them home for bacteria (which inevitably clogs pores.) No need to purchase an expensive brush cleaner, you can simply use baby shampoo. It is cheaper & gets the job done just as effectively. For the ultimate results, it is recommended to wash your brushes once a week. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to clean your furry makeup tool.

clean brush

How To: Use warm water to wet the brush tips while they are facing down. The facing down part is key to extending the lifetime of your brush because it keeps the glue, which holds the bristles to the stem, dry & secure. Once thoroughly soaked, apply some baby shampoo & delicately swirl the bubbly brush in the palm of your hand. To rinse, use the same technique of bristles facing down. Once the brush has been rinsed out, set on the side of your sink in order for it to dry without letting the water leak to the stem.

drying out smaller

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