25 Things To Do Before You Get Married

Header for Marriage

1. Take a creative class. Whether it be cooking, sewing or underwater basket weaving–make sure it is something that uses your hands & head simultaneously.

2. Go on a trip that requires a backpack & no rolling luggage. The more foreign the better.
3. Dance on a bar or table (make sure it’s sturdy.) This can be while inebriated or sober in your PJ’s with a bowl of ice cream in your hands. It doesn’t matter, you just have to be on an elevated surface, jamming out to tunes, without a care in the world.
4. Make out with a perfect stranger. This one gets double points if it’s after a big win at a sporting event.
5. Host a dinner party. The only thing people are allowed to bring are themselves. You do all the cooking & baking yourself. You will make mistakes, & possibly light things on fire, but that provides for a good story during the party.
6. Keep a plant or living thing alive. If you can’t do this, you may want to consider how you will help keep the love of your life alive & healthy while you grow old.
7. Learn how to make fancy cocktails with 3 of the basic base liquors; vodka, rum (clear or brown) & tequila. And no, a vodka cran does not count as a fancy cocktail…
8. Turn off the internet for a full 48 hours. One weekend of no 4G or wifi. You’ll be amazed as to what fascinating things surround your life.
9. Go to a famous festival. Oktoberfest, Carnival, Mardi Gras, etc. Any place that is boisterous & involves a different type of culture.
10. Try Something New for 30 Days. Inspired by this TED Talk. It can anything from being physically active for 30 days straight, or cutting out sugar. Just make sure it’s something outside of your comfort zone.
11. Visit a US Landmark. Preferably Niagara or the Grand Canyon.
12. Find (& listen) to a mentor. They will encourage you to do courageous things & prevent you from doing stupid ones.
13. Celebrate something big somewhere else. Whether it be your birthday, Christmas, NYE, etc, make sure it’s someplace unique.
14. Plan a trip no more than 5 days in advance. It has to be at least 5 hours away (by car or by plane)
15. Volunteer. If you are reading this list, you are fortunate enough to have internet, and are more fortunate than many. Give back to the world to show that you are thankful for all the resources you have been given.
16. Get your finances in order. You don’t want to marry into debt, & neither do they.
17. Splurge on one awesome item that you will use in your single years, & in your married ones. A classic hangbag or watch should do the trick.
18. Be selfish. Once you’re married, you can’t be. So rejoice in it now.
19. Perfect the skill of swimming, biking or running. These activities are fun & inexpensive ways to keep you fit & healthy. (Bonus points for all 3 — Hello Ironman)
20. Learn how to take a compliment. Modesty & grace are hard things to master, but they are a necessity — especially on your wedding day when everyone is telling you how amazing you look.
21. Surprise a friend with flowers, just because. The act of giving opens your heart & allows for others to enter it.
22. Ask for a raise. You need to learn to speak your opinions in uncomfortable situations.
23. Eat at one of the world’s best restaurants. Dress up & enjoy.
24. Learn how to make one amazing entrée that you can prepare for years to come.
25. Go to a global sporting event. The Olympics, The World Cup, The World Series (counts, kinda) & be sure you tailgate. Who knows, if you’re single, this might be the place for you to meet “the one.”
Bring on the new year!
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