St. Patrick’s Day – From Coast to Coast

St. Patrick’s Day is this Monday & the whole nation will be celebrating. There tends to be two different ways to approach the dressing up situation in order to not get pinched. Option 1 is to wear something loud & over the top, while Option 2 is to wear something more chic & subdued. Festive attire tends to be more fun in groups, so if you are going for the more simple, be sure to check out the options below. You don’t have to wear bright green in order to look the Irish part. Also, it is fun to make your accessories the focal point, rather than your main piece. Los Angeles is hotter climate, so be sure to keep the look more breezy.  NYC is a bit chilly this time of year, so make sure to layer up!

Here are some of the nation’s best pubs to celebrate on the 17th.

LA NYClos angeles: jumpsuit | scarf | clutch | booties

new york city: pants | blouse | jacket | scarf | booties


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One Response to St. Patrick’s Day – From Coast to Coast

  1. dittomary says:

    I love your outfit picks always. I’m looking for a new “power ring” any suggestions (and preferably under $300 as I’m a grad student)?!

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